A Couple Of Places I've Been To

A Couple Of Places I've Been To

I like to visit new places and I like to stop and take photographs of them. I am not a photographer. Well I am, because I own an iPhone, but I am not professionally accredited.

The Peak District

Taken in a ramble of eastern Derbyshire, I found a bit of colour north of Hathersage.

Bishopstoke, near Eastleigh

I once went to a closed hospital. It was very cold.

The New Forest

Light wasn't on my side on this visit. The fields of untouched snow were pretty, but the edge of Emery Down was as far as my camera got.

Gent, Belgium

There are many cathedrals in this city.

Bergamo, Italy

In Bergamo I could see very far and thought I was very tall.

The Severn Bridge

Be honest, this picture could have been quite something. If only I were standing on the right side of the fence.

The Lake District

This was a good morning.

Barton On Sea, Dorset

Zoom out a bit, you think this is the Med. Hopefully.

Birdlip, The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds weren't my destination but a view similar to this is often passed on the A417. This time I took a break from the usual queues and decided to take in just how far you could see. And just how much the weather changed.


Steam trains are cool.

New Brighton

It was cold here. And blurry.

Port Solent


I was lucky enough to go here. It was warmer than in England.


Heading back down to reality, this town certainly isn't in a National Park.

County Kerry, Ireland

Como, Italy

County Sligo, Ireland

Ireland has some good sunsets. This one took me by surprise, when I was lost while driving (I did stop, but didn't bother putting the window down, as I was very lost and fed up of me going the wrong way).

Howth, Ireland

Dublin has a lot of big hills near it.

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Waiting for the train in the cold.

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Nordic boats.

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