Never Have I Ever Used A Sat Nav

Never Have I Ever Used A Sat Nav

A fantastic documentary about the history of the Ordnance Survey in Southampton reminded me of something: never have I ever used a sat nav.

Sometimes in life, you get lost. Pretty much every amazing thing I've seen has been while I was going in the wrong direction.

Getting lost should be scary. But why? It's only a small country. And if you were ever really that stuck, all you have to do is find London (there's plenty of signs for it) and then, if you live in Hampshire, you just follow the A3 home from there.

There are lots of other places which help you get un-lost too, but you'll only remember them once you've found them yourself. Using a sat nav means you never have to learn reference points, so you never get to use the ones you've learned.

That's why you only ever get lost finding somewhere once (apart from when I'm having so much fun I miss the exit for my house).

I'm old-fashioned, but I'm not snobby. If you like being told what to do, use a sat nav whenever you can. But if you were interested enough to actually read all this far, shouldn't you start to put it away? Not necessarily all the time; one time I had to leave Wales in a rush and I spent about four hours driving into the same village while trying to find the M4 - a sat nav would have been great that day. But it was a very pretty village.

It's not all good. As a result of having to learn where things are, there are roads which I've grown to like using, and roads which I've grown to hate. That's what happens when you know where you are.

(Also, I just love the Ordnance Survey. I am a very sad person.)

Anyway, having said many times that it's a waste of time trying to learn different landmarks, here are my 10 favourite landmarks for driving around:

1) The M40/A34 Wendlebury Interchange. Gateway to the Midlands (when going north), means you're nearly home (when going south).

2) Signs for The NORTH. It means you're going the right way, if you're driving to the north east.

3) The Lake District/Pennines. When the mountains start, it means you've gone too far north. You'll be seeing signs for 'SCOTLAND' soon.

4) The (very Stoke) bridge over the M6 that has 'VOTE PIE' painted over it. Welcome to the North West.

5) Doncaster (North) Greggs.

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