My landlord is bankrupting me - and they don't seem to realise it

My landlord is bankrupting me - and they don't seem to realise it

I pay €270 a week to a private housing company to rent a room in a large apartment block in Dublin.

As a result I can never afford branded goods, but I get by. I can't buy shoes very often but fortunately I don't live a lifestyle where I need to.

This week one thing has really annoyed me. I should explain at this point I am sceptical of why we only take an interest in poor people when it comes to Christmas, but despite this, I'm a big supporter of the various shoebox campaigns and think they do amazing work at what can be a difficult time.

If the tenancy firm had just emailed me to let me know they were supporting the campaign, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. They could even have left us some empty shoeboxes by the postbox.

Instead they have repeatedly emailed me and left posters around the building to encourage us to get on board with the campaign, and to let us know they're organising a large collection event.

Either way, my reaction would have been the same. If I am sending them €270 a week, they can find €6 to fill a shoebox a lot easier than I can.

Of course that's just a populist and simplistic statement. Whether you believe that they spend all their revenue on construction or tax or luxury yachts, the fact is they don't want to donate their money to charity any more than I do.

So this is the part which really offended me about their insistance that I take part: the fact that they are so out-of-touch with the people paying their rents that they couldn't anticipate my views above.

And "out of touch" is absolutely the phrase for it. Recently they sent me a survey titled "why might you not renew your lease", and I could choose answers such as "I have changed job", "I don't like the area" - but no-where on the list was "you are quickly bankrupting me".

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