VIDEO: Dublin Fire Brigade attend large house fire on Merrion Road

VIDEO: Dublin Fire Brigade attend large house fire on Merrion Road

Dublin Fire Brigade attended a large house fire on Ailesbury Road in Sandymount, Dublin 4, close to the junction with Merrion Road, at about 17:30 this evening.

A young man scaled the wall to check for occupants while one passing motorist stopped to offer assistance.

Local nuisance Johnathan Randall tweeted these videos from the scene, before leaving to let the emergency services manage the crowds that were building and heading home to find an inbox full of journalists who were under the misunderstanding that he had witnessed the second coming.

The self-styled 'Johno' later described his footage as "a bit shit", but noted that he didn't want to get in the way of the fire brigade, who were already pumping water from the local supply.

NB: My heart goes out to the people affected by this and I am not making light of their situation. However, I know that online newspapers want to use my videos to promote their websites, so I figured I should beat them to it. I did my best to ensure there were no injuries before taking my phone out.

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