Easy ways to get free money

Easy ways to get free money

Who doesn't love free money?

As a freelance layabout there have been times where I've worried my income won't be enough, and I've had to investigate easy ways to get a little more.

You will find loads of examples of panels and surveys, but you can never be sure whether it'll be worth it.

The most reputable survey site is YouGov. They are one of few who give you guarenteed cash payouts. They also tend to have some of the more interesting surveys: often, when you hear about a survey in the news, it has come from them. Prize draws are also available, but I'm not sure which is more reliable.

Valued Opinions is the one I would recommend. You can generally expect to earn about £20 a month, paid for in shopping vouchers. You can then treat it as either money for extra treats or less to worry about at the end of the month.

You can also win money just for having a post code with the Free Postcode Lottery. Every day they hold a prize draw, and if your post code is chosen you'll win a small amount of cash. But here's the thing: with this one you don't want to win.

Every day you check the post code - which only takes a couple of minutes, you add a couple of pence to a bonus which will be added to any winnings you earn. So the less success you have, the more your prize will be.

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