Hindhead Tunnel 'backs Brexit'

Hindhead Tunnel 'backs Brexit'

The Hindhead Tunnel supports Britain's exit from the EU, local media has learned.

The 1.2 mile underground roadway, which is not eligible to vote in the forthcoming referendum, has been overheard raising concerns about the effect of open-door immigration on other tunnels like itself.

Opened in 2011, it represents a growing wave of young residents in Surrey with concerns about the country's economy and job security in their industry.

In mainland Europe, there are tunnels which don't need to close every other weekend for spurious safety reasons, and Hindhead is concerned that these could be making their way to the UK.

The tunnel is equipped with 50 high-resolution CCTV cameras, which were recently spotted trained on a local UKIP meeting.

Tunnel spokesperson Hazel Grove dismissed the suggestion of the tunnel having political affiliations as "silly". Other items of soulless infrastructure were quick to wade in on the debate, with the French-owned Dartford Crossing describing Hindhead as "a loose cannon".

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