10 Important Lessons We've Learned From Love Island

10 Important Lessons We've Learned From Love Island

Love Island 2018 has been going for a while now, leaving us both obsessed and heart-broken.

1. Reality TV people aren't real

This is my only serious point - but it is really important. Lots of people will be watching Love Island thinking "why don't I look like that", "why do I never get that much attention", "why hadn't I slept with 200 people by the age of 22 like Adam [supposedly] has"?

Here's the important point: these aren't 'real' people. They've been hand-picked from a list of 85,000 because their personalities create the drama which the producers are looking for.

Most of them are from a modelling background. This requires an extreme amount of confidence and a thick skin which can brush off rejection and criticism. They are not normal people. They walk among us, but not often.

It's not a real show either, it's stage-managed like anything else. Watch with caution.

2. Personality doesn't matter over looks

Despite that, there are a number of revelations which feel familiar.

The whole country could see that Adam couldn't be trusted from day one, yet for some reason half the girls in the villa decided it was a risk worth taking. It never worked out.

As for Megan, well...