Fans loved THIS about Georgia's fight with Ellie

Fans loved THIS about Georgia's fight with Ellie

Not everybody enjoys watching a fight on Love Island.

Queen of our hearts Georgia did not take criticism from who-is-she-again Ellie, and fans spotted something.

You can hear it in their voices. Georgia is a proud Yorkshire girl. Ellie flies the flag for Newcastle. Both regions are famous for, ahem, producing strong and fiesty women.

That'll be why both of them gave as good as they got. That is why the villa was scared when Georgia uttered "I will go for you man" (and the editors, seeing as they faded it down).

It was like a repeat of a scene you'll find on any night on the streets of Doncaster, Leeds or Darlington. They weren't even wearing a coat.

Never mind who was right or wrong, which flag would you rather fly: white rose or magpies?

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