When does McDonald's Monopoly 2018 start?

When does McDonald's Monopoly 2018 start?

McDonald's Monoply will be back for 2018!

The official start date is Tuesday 21 March and the rumoured end date is Tuesday 1 May.

Prizes are likely to include cash, cars, free meals, Now TV passes and the customary apple pie and Boohoo discount. Full details are expected to be confirmed very soon.

McDonald's Monopoly makes eating in their restaurants in Britain and Northern Ireland more fun. However, the disappointing truth nobody likes to hear is that the odds are stacked against you.

Although you simply have to collect all the tickets in the set, it's designed so each set has one very rare card. Once you collect them, you are entered in to a draw to win - you don't actually win anything just yet.

Even so, if you were planning on eating there anyway, it adds a little more excitement to the visit, and you might walk away with another meal for next time.

How do I enter?

You can enter by purchasing pretty much anything on the McDonald's menu. Large meals have more tickets (three per item as opposed to two), but pretty much anything except the value items count.

Is there a strategy to win?

Only to eat at McDonald's a lot, and let's be honest that's not great advice!

Syndicates and exchange groups go against the prize rules. Even so, a few illicit groups exist. Just remember to hold on to your tickets!

Is Ireland included?

Northern Ireland plays but the Republic of Ireland doesn't. Instead, Ireland has its own game called McDonald's Prize Mania, which starts on Wednesday 27 June and ends on Tuesday 14 August.

The difference is probably for currency reasons, plus Ireland has a much lower population.

Has anybody ever won the big prizes?

McDonald's advertise the winners on their website and there are lots of them - but then they have millions of customers.

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