There's been a referendum

There's been a referendum

OK people, 24 hours is up, we've had our whinge, let's get on with it.

If you really want change, there is a rumoured general election and Scottish referendum coming up... invest your energy in some positive social campaigning.

If you are going to live here, get back to living, Facebook isn't going to give the blind sight. If you really can't do it, join me in a boat. But it's not going to be a bitter boat, and we're not going to massage each other with "I told them so"s.

Old people are just as welcome to vote, and if a greater proportion of the young had bothered to turn up, things may have been different. You could fire an arrow which ever way you point it, but don't bother.

Political movements are like a fizzy drink: if you shake it and open the bottle it'll take ages to clean the carpet. What was in the bottle wasn't an 'out' vote, it was a social attitude which I happen not to like. So I'm searching for a better drink to buy.

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