Tommy Robinson's followers MASSIVE LOVE ISLAND FANS

Tommy Robinson's followers MASSIVE LOVE ISLAND FANS

Tommy Robinson's army of skinheads and dickheads are now massive Love Island fans, it has been confirmed.

Newspaper reports have suggested Love Island star Ellie Jones has previously spoken highly of the criminal who is currently in prison for committing contempt of court.

The news that their hero is receiving negative press has set off the alarm at the Free Tommy Brigade, who have rushed to his defence.

But in order to oppose the stupid snowflake libtards who are calling for Ellie to be kicked off ITV2's Love Island, they've had to come out as fans of the thinly-veiled sex show.

In fact the show probably brings back memories of their own times sending groups of thick English people to Spain to sleep with as many people as possible.

Producers of the show, who seem to be desperate for a reaction, are thought to be considering a new crossover show where supporters of the former leader of the English Defence League spend a long period of time on an island. A long period of time.

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