When does Love Island 2019 start?

When does Love Island 2019 start?

After the success of Love Island 2018, people want to know when Love Island 2019 will start.

Despite the tears, thousands of complaints and a few tantrums, ITV looks sure to bring Love Island 2019 back to ITV2 and Virgin Media.

The return date for Love Island is expected to be 3 June 2019.

ITV will never confirm the exact date until the Spring, for fear competitors will prepare their best response. They will also keep any changes dead quiet.

How to apply to be on Love Island

If you'd like to apply to appear on Love Island, applications will open on the ITV website shortly, but most of the contestants already have a strong social following and are contacted by direct message on Instagram or Twitter.

Obviously the producers are judging people by their appearance and by how they could shake things up, but I couldn't promote the show without also advising that you need thick skin and a tough backbone to survive such a rollercoaster experience.

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